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How to generate graphical report from a table?

I’m fairly new to wordpress and I like to ask on how to do or what plugins to use for a specific task. I am

Formatting data from CSV file to generate XML that WordPress can import

I’ve got a recipe site that is using a MYSQL database and a really old CMS. I am wanting to convert my site over to

wordpress plugin development issue : Generate php pages

is anybody knows how to generate pages in wordpress, with php code as a content using a plugin? for example the plugin will create landing

Jquery generate extra code in wordpress

Code var google_ad_client = this.title; google_ad_client = google_ad_client+"';"; google_ad_client = "<script type='text/javascript>google_ad_client ="" +google_ad_client+"</"+"script>"; jQuery('#addSpace').html(google_ad_client); Output: <script type="text/javascript>google_ad_client ="ca-pub-1702577941194110" ;<="" script=""></script> Why generate this extra?

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