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My Google Map cuts off in WordPress :/

For whatever reason my map keeps cutting off… this is the code I am using: [xt_tab title=”MAP”] [flexiblemap address=”10 downing street london uk” zoom=”14″ title=”Number

How to make google spreadsheet graphs responsive

<iframe height=468 width=1584 src="//" seamless frameborder=0 scrolling=no></iframe> Even after changing width to 100%, it doesn’t make it responsive. I am embedding this graph on WordPress

google map info window show on random time

How can I make on google map info window to show on random pin every 3 seconds? Info window shows on a pin, then closes

Google AdWords conversions Track form submit

I am trying to add a google addword code (Socript or conversion script) in form submit in wordpress. there are manny pages and one contact

automatically updated google chart, embedded in a page

I have created a google chart from a google forms responses. In the google form page, every time I added a new row, the chart

How to Fix "Leverage Browser Caching" during Google PageSpeed?

The other day I used Google PageSpeed to check my site speed. Google gives me an error of Leverage browser caching on External Javascript File

Google font doesn’t show in theme option

I have implemented the following tutorial in my theme’s option panel. Every thing is working fine. But in the themeoption panel the default system

custom attribute and ajax on google plus button callback

I am using google plus button on my website and on the click of that I want to trigger my custom ajax to perform some

Loading Google font in HTTPS, content being blocked

There Isn’t much code to show. This is a wordpress theme that automatically pulls the option font picked and requests it from google font. when

google chrome debug console jquery error "token ILLEGAL

i’m using wordpress and i’m trying to run a script created inside a wordpress page. Outside wordpress everything works fine, but not copyed inside wp.

Authorization with Client-side Google Analytics API plugin

At the moment I’m writing a Javascript and PHP heavy WordPress dashboard plugin that pulls data from the Google Analytics API. Using their Embed API,

Cant insert google adsense next to flash game

I have flash game website, I want to add google adsense ads left and right sides of the game. I did it left side well

Google Calendar Events wordpress plugin ‘Previous month’ button not working

I know this question should better be addressed to the author of the plugin, but since he doesn’t respond I thought I might try my

Google Calendar Events wordpress plugin previous / next month buttons not working

I know this question should better be addressed to the author of the plugin, but since he doesn’t respond I thought I might try my

Google AdSence shows up yellow on mobiles (WP blog)

I’m working on a WordPress website with a Google AdSence inside posts. For some strange reason I only get the yellow box without the ad

Google Map is not working on the second tab of Tab Plugins

Is there any way to make the map work on the second tab? Actually, whichever Tab plugin I use the map is not loading properly

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