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Separate shortcode for each field of gravity form

This shortcode will display the gravity form in my wordpress page [gravityform id="1"] This form has 3 fields and on submit button. I want to

how to find gravity form dropdown selected option in mail notification

<select name="input_20" id="input_5_20" class="medium gfield_select" tabindex="5"><option value="" selected="selected">Please choose </option> <option value="test1">Test1</option> <option value="test2">Test2</option> <option value="test3">Test3</option> <option value="test4">Test4</option> <option value="test5">Test5</option> <option value="test6">Test6</option> <option value="test7">Test7</option> <option

how to change gravity form subject with custom logic based text?

how to change gravity form default subject text to custom logic based text (i need to add some fuctions to chage dynamic subject line) how

Change gravity form subject with custom logic based text? [on hold]

How to change gravity form default subject text to custom logic based text (I need to add some functions to change dynamic subject line) How

Passing dynamic values to Gravity Form

I’m using Gravity Form Paypal Add-on for my payment system. What I actually need is: 1. Customer should select an event (It will redirect to

Passing a parameter to a gravity form

I am using WordPress & Gravity Forms plugin and I am trying to pass a parameter to a Gravity Form with Dynamic Population from another

Trying to get a gravity form contact form to hover over a flash animation

I currently have a rectangular flash animation on one of my pages (wordpress site), the code looks like this: ->”>" alt=”Get Adobe Flash

Woocommerce Gravity Forms Addon Ajax Submit

I am using Gravity Forms latest and Woocommerce Gravity Forms Addon. I have a form in my product page, which add through the addon. When

Gravity Forms User Registration - disable for logged-in users.

I’m trying to modify the below code snippet / function hook to disable registration if the user is logged in. <?php add_filter("gform_disable_registration", "disable_registration", 10, 4);

Dynamically Populate and Append "List" Field with previous entries in Gravity Form

I have two forms. In first one: Test-Head - text-field Param - text-field Unit - text-field Range - text-field In second one: Test-Head - checkbox(autopopulate

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