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Video is ignoring CSS height and width values

The video, and all videos i add to my page has height and width values set in CSS (via a shortcode) but it is just

Background colour cutting off in automatic height div

I have a problem, only about 100px of background colour is showing. I want the background colour to flow with the text. I dont have

What is the best solution for making 2 seperate DIVs of different height reach the footer at the same time?

How do I parallax the content and sidebar of my wordpress blog ( to reach the footer of the page at the same time even

Custom Post Type List View Column Height & Width

I created a custom post type for creating different type of charts in wordpress. And created a list view column to preview the chart created

IE8 Container Div has no height value

This is how it should normally show up but somehow the Body container loses its height in IE8 and resulting in this I have

Reduce line height in menu item

I have trouble setting the proper line height for one of the menu items on my WordPress website. I want the space between two lines

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