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How to change role of subscriber to allow them to delete a post? [on hold]

I am using a front-end post editing and deleting option in my theme. Right now a subscriber cannot delete a post. How can I change

Buddypress powered site and user-dynamic cover picture [on hold]

Like any other well-reputed social networking site, can we include dynamic cover picture section in a Buddypress site??? For you kind information its a “dynamic

Change gravity form subject with custom logic based text? [on hold]

How to change gravity form default subject text to custom logic based text (I need to add some functions to change dynamic subject line) How

Blank Static.html of Optinskin Skins? [on hold]

i could not figure-out what are the issues of OptInskin form, a wp-plugin, creates a folder with blank static.html and a .css file if i

Adding product attributes/variations from the frontend on woocommerce [on hold]

I already have the template pages and functions for adding a variable product! I also have an edit page, where the frontend user can add

good practice for geolocation based wordpress site

I’m going to revamp my company website. But before that, my superior need me to draft a plan. Here is my requirements. The site will

Adding woocommerce_after_shop_loop_item hook [on hold]

I want to add a hook/action of woocommerce_after_shop_loop_item, this action is located in content-product.php which is used for displaying product content within loops and content-product.php

Woocomerce - Add Bank Name to the fields list in Our Bank Details [on hold]

I would like to move the bank name, in this case “Standard Bank”, to the details listed on the frontend and email template, instead of

Is a WordPress Migration Worth It? [on hold]

When developing I don’t like to trap myself with limitations, I like to keep everything simple and understand the workings of everything. So down to

Get classes with jquery? [on hold]

How do I get classes with jquery? I know that $("#nameOfId") gets id, so I assumed $(".nameOfClass") would get class… The problem is that id

Where can find website Grid Layouts [on hold]

Anyone know where I can find a plugin/widget for organising data such as lists, grids etc. I have made some searches but could not find

Plugin tips for my multi-user (mostly private) blogsite [on hold]

At the moment I am looking into the possibility to switch from a custom programmed blogsite (PHP) to a more well known platform like WordPress.

How to implement price comparison API in my WordPress website? [on hold]

I want to build a niche shopping review website and applied for a API in a price comparison website. They approved my request and give

What is the difference between WordPress and Bootstrap? [on hold]

My question is What is the difference between WordPress and Bootstrap? I have a decent amount of experience in WP, but (obviously) none regarding Bootstrap.

what is Bootstrap and how does it differ from WordPress [on hold]

what is Bootstrap and how does it differ from WordPress I have a decent amount of experience in WP (though I’m no expert), but (obviously)

How do I activate a function only when the button visible using jQuery [on hold]

I have a “load more posts’ on my WordPress blog. It’s activated only when clicked, using the function $('#load-posts a').click(function() { ... ... ... }

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