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How to hook into the quick edit action?

I found this solution to automatically assign parent terms when a child term is selected, which is working fine for the save_post hook: add_action('save_post', 'assign_parent_terms');

Action hook "wp_insert_post" works but not for last imported post

I want to run a custom function whenever posts are imported to my custom post type. I am currently running this code - function on_post_import($post){

Adding woocommerce_after_shop_loop_item hook [on hold]

I want to add a hook/action of woocommerce_after_shop_loop_item, this action is located in content-product.php which is used for displaying product content within loops and content-product.php

save_post action hook for comments

Is there a action similar to save_post for comments? Already tried comment_post which does not fire when clicking the update button on a comment in

Woo Commerce hook for updating a price only for the current user. PHP

I hope that someone may know the answer or guide me in the right direction on this. I have been looking unsuccessfully at how to

hook to add author name in woocomerce product single page

I am working with a Plugin and going to integrate it with woocomerce. Using my plugin i want to add product author name in product

do_action inside class issue with add_meta_boxes hook

Ok, this is a little specific. I might be missing something but since it killed me enough time , even though I found a way

Hook into admin_notices after sending mail

In my (admin) plugin I want to display a message using admin_notices action on successful sending of mail. Currently it is not displaying. I know

WooCommerce update_status() is causing infinite loop in hook

I’m trying to update order status when a Store Manager clicks ‘Completed’. I’m doing this because I want to check something (if a ‘key’ is

WordPress Save Draft Hook

I have a WordPress site that when a user publishes a new post it sends a push notification to a mobile application. This works fine

Repeat triggering of ‘woocommerce_payment_complete’ hook for dev

‘woocommerce_payment_complete’ is the hook that is triggered when payment is flagged as accepted by your payment gateway in WooCommerce. It’s a really useful hook because

change output location of plugin function using a custom hook

I’m running the YouTube Video Fetcher plugin and it fetches youtube videos and displays it on your website. However, instead of displaying the video after

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