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WordPress plugin causes duplicate jquery source file include on different port

My website is configured in such way that admin section is on port 9999 and user facing section is on port 80. When i do

php - include() not finding path on remote server

This question already has an answer here: Relative path or absolute path and how to set up in PHP 2 answers I’m currently using mpdf

Site goes back to homepage when you dont include the www

I have made multiple pages in my WordPress site but whenever I go to these pages without the www in the beginning the site always

How to include WP_Widget from another file in main plugin file?

I tried to use the code bellow in my main file: define( 'MYPLUGINNAME_PATH', plugin_dir_path(__FILE__) ); include MYPLUGINNAME_PATH . 'class/class-widget.php'; Then I have a file class/class-widget.php

Include several partials in a wordpress template. Showing only one of them

I have built a template and two partials in WordPress (php). In the template I use get_template_part() two times but only the first one is

Include Multiple Stylesheets in WordPress Plugin

I am creating a wordpress plugin, where I need to include multiple stylesheets and JS files. I have used the following code, 1. TRIAL 1-

How to Include WP_Widget class in main plugin file

If I have a class xxxx_widget extends WP_Widget inside a php file, how can I include that file from the main file inside my plugin.

How to include custom post type comments in buddypress activity feed

We have a custom post type “Videos” with comments enabled. I am trying to make the comments for “Videos” show up in the activity feed

Get pots by mixed taxonomies and include results from the taxonomy’s children if exist

I have been able to filter posts from a custom post type (ad) filtered by two taxonomies $myposts = get_posts( array ( 'posts_per_page' => $ipp,

How to include a file in shortcode function in wordpress

I want to make a shortcode and in shortcode i want to require a file. when a user write a shortcode in editor. The output

Include Entire Custom Page Template On Another Page

I am trying to create a “one page slider” where I am creating a custom page template to display multiple pages that I specify. (yes

register_sidebar fails when using a include within functions.php

I have registered several sidebars via functions.php like this: // Register sidebars function register_widgets() { // Main sidebar register_sidebar( array( 'name' => __( 'Main Sidebar',

How to include a wordpress template dynamically

I’m working on a wordpress theme that has various custom post types for various purposes. Some I usually need and others for specific requirements. When

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