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WordPress index.php not working

I am trying to code the index.php but run some for some errors. I am trying to list down blogs from scratch and inserted the

$remote_addr causes index.php to not rewrite

I’m hosting a WordPress blog using PHP-FPM and Nginx. A month ago, I modified the Nginx config file for the webpage to return code 503

Optimizing a PHP WordPress template with edits that have many includes and loops to index.php causing massive server load on VPS

Our site is setup in this manner: We have a domain and and all our individual hotel pages are under that domain. However, the setup

Writing plugin to affect the index.php file

I am new to PHP and WordPress plugin so I am a bit ignorant of some features. I want to write a plugin that restricts

ajax/jquery only works on index.php frontpage

I have absolutely no idea why it happens. You can check my blog here. The menu and the lightbox for single post work fine but

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