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google map info window show on random time

How can I make on google map info window to show on random pin every 3 seconds? Info window shows on a pin, then closes

Facebook app, retrieve user info from facebook and copy it to buddy press users

i’m trying to get user info from facebook when a user tries to login through facebook on my website ,Wordpress website, I have been struggling

Is it valuable to caching info from wordpress request?

I am wondering, is it a good idea to cache data from WordPress request, like bloginfo(‘url’), or not. For example, instead of repeating bloginfo(‘url’), if

Can’t grab author info outside of the loop

I have an author box outside of the loop that is supposed to grab the name of the author, but the correct author isn’t being

Woocommerce add attribute info to product shortcode

I want to add a product’s size attribute to the product information shown by the Woocommerce [product] shortcode. Is there a way to do this?

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