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Inserting PHP into jQuery css()

I’m working on a WordPress theme and I have come across a little block. I have a small app within the theme that highlights a

Inserting Gravatar in header

I’m making a theme for WordPress, for other people to use as well as myself. I want to add the gravatar of the person using

Inserting PHP inside do_shortcode

I am trying to use an existing shortcode for an accordion element in a custom template for my wordpress site. Basically, I need to insert

medium sized images not aligning properly - WP automatically inserting line breaks?

I’ve set medium sized images to a custom size which should allow for both of the images to align horizontally within the post. (The full

Instance not inserting data for widget

I am trying to create a widget for my website. This is my first instance of widget creation and I am really unsure as to

Inserting to a custom WordPress Table with JQuery

My code doesn’t insert the data into the database when using JQuery. My Jquery code: $(“#addMatches”).button().click(function( event ) { var that = $(‘#group-settings-form.standard-form’), oldUrl =

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