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Nginx Configuration Issues for Laravel Installed Inside WordPress

I have installed LEMP stack on my cloud VPS at digitalocean. I have installed WordPress on my root domain and then installed laravel in a

There is a blank <div> in Static.html of Optinskin, no form generated, do you know, what’s the issues?

i could not figure-out what the issues are??? As Optinskin form gererates its folder in “skins” folder, which includes statick.html, and a css file as

WordPress issues with wp_enqueue_script

I am trying to enqueue a javascript file from a barebones php file, but I am having trouble actually getting the javascript to enqueue. This

UPME Known Issues - Edit Profile Not Working

We have experienced edit profile not working in UPME due to plugin conflicts. What are the possible causes of this issue and how do we

Single Page Navigation Issues

On my single-page site im using the WP-float plugin to display a couple of images with onmouseover and onmouseout effect. Now im looking for some

How to fix issues with active class for building custom Bootstrap carousal for WordPress

I am trying to get a bootstrap carousal with thumbnail slider work with wordpress and look like in this bootstrap example The carousal and

WP All Import Issues

I am using WP All Import plugin to import real estate properties. I got an error when updating the properties. Fatal error: Uncaught exception ‘Exception’

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