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Woocommerce & on scroll javascript conflict

I’m using a feature for when the user scrolls my navigation bar changes CSS. It works fine until I install woocommerce plugin using the canvas

javascript onload slide in

I am creating a childtheme of thematic and I have a couple of div’s that I want to slide into the page. It works if

Add Javascript to WordPress Menu

Is there a way to put javascript in the URL portion of a WordPress menu item? I have a live chat function on my site,

Put Javascript in WordPress Navigation Menu?

Is there a way to put javascript in the URL portion of a WordPress menu item? I have a live chat function on my site,

How to Add HTML & Javascript to WordPress Shortcode?

I have a snippet of HTML that I would like to make into a WordPress shortcode. This is the snippet. <div class="small-12 large-7 columns"> <article

Custom Javascript Accordion External Links

I am trying to add custom Javascript into my WordPress site. I have javascript being properly enqueued into the site. In order to stay compliant

How to open particular featured image clicking on desired post using javascript in wordpress?

I have created a custom post type “gallery” and created seven post in it. Since I am using “dynamic featured image” plugin of wordpress so

How to Fix "Leverage Browser Caching" for External Javascript Files

Last day i use Google PageSpeed to Check my site speed. Google gives me error of Leverage browser caching on External Javascript File which is

Javascript, if URL then item

As the title suggests I am looking for a script command for “if url”, then “item.” I am working on a wordpress theme that I

How to write a Javascript function inside the functions.php of WordPress?

I’m altering a plugin on developer recommendations (, See latest post), which advices to write a bit of Javascript in the functions.php of WordPress. Now,

Slider Javascript Collide With Other Javascript Custom Theme WordPress

My WordPress Theme LINK in which slider js collide with some other js dont know in which js it is collide, so that my recent

How to add product to cart in WooCommerce using JavaScript

Is it possible to add a product to cart with a new price using JavaScript? I have been working on a little script that calculates

Woocommerce product variations without using javascript

Is it possible to have a fall back method for Woocommerce product variations for users without javascript? The checkout page has a paragraph about not

How to separate javascript so it is not inline but as a separate snippet

I have some code that works perfectly within the html editor within WordPress. The problem is that when switching to the visual editor it strips

Javascript hide don’t work

I tried to hide an image with class="hide_phone" but both code above didn’t work. <script type="text/javascript"> $(document).ready(function($){ $('.hide_phone').hide(); }); </script> <script type="text/javascript"> $(document).ready(function($){ $('.hide_phone').css('display','none'); });

How to install cool javascript feature in WordPress?

Im trying to install this menu on my WordPress site.However the javascript can not be loaded.Here is my murkup I used the menu as

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