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how to run cron job in wordpress

i want to run cron job in wordpres using default function add_filter( ‘cron_schedules’, ‘cron_add_everyminute’ ); function cron_add_everyminute( $schedules ) { // Adds once weekly to

PHP bulk emails without cron job

I’m currently building a wordpress plugin for a charity, and am wondering what my options are for sending out bulk emails. They have an event

Cron job not firing

I’m having this problem where cron jobs doens’t seem to post delayed posts.. I’m using this cron job wget -O /dev/null Am i doing

How to use Jetpack Publicize with WP Job Manager Job Listings?

I am trying to use Jetpack Publicize module for my blog post and job post. I am using WP Job Manager plugin for job posting.

WP Plugin for Job Posts

We are currently looking for a WordPress plugin that we could upload or write our very own psycho test in it. We actually downloaded one,

Is this a job for WP MultiSite with domain mapping plugin?

I’m helping some folks convert an apartment management company’s website from a custom CMS to WordPress. We’re pretty far along in the process and I

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