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MySQL JOIN or UNION with AND based on previous resultset, WordPress pre_get_posts and post_meta

Trying to recursively select database fields based on parent IDs of current selection in a WordPress environment. On the WordPress side: I’m doing a pre_get_posts

How do I join two or more WordPress RSS Feeds?

I have two WordPress blogs installed separately and I want to join its RSS Feeds into one. I’ve found this way: and it works

Can I save part of the post in an external file and join it on the fly to avoid redundancy in the wp_posts table?

To start with, I apologise if this is a double, which I believe is the case, but searching for similar posts is not easy. In

WordPress plugin inner join tables

I’m making this plugin for my site where I can generate some coupons for the users. I wrote a plugin and I’m listing all the

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