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add a Php drop down list to jquery

I’m populating a drop down list with page links in wordpress, see code below. $html .= '<select id="pp_dropdown_link" name="hero_options[pp_dropdown_link_'.$i.']"> <option value="">' . attribute_escape(__('Select page')) .

Add wordpress shortcode wp_dropdown_pages() to jquery

As the title says I’m trying to add wp_dropdown_pages() to my jquery script, is this possible and if so how? Read more here: Add wordpress

JQuery Easing error with word press theme

I made a custom theme a few months back and it all worked just fine. However after updating word press and the plugins I had

jquery slider not working in post body in wordpress

I have a jQuery slider and I want it to embed it in the body of the WordPress page, like this <div class="container"> <div class="main">

Image swap with jQuery Hover using a single image source and transition

jQuery(document).ready(function(){ jQuery(".um-img-resize").hover( function(){this.src = this.src.replace("_off","_on");}, function(){this.src = this.src.replace("_on","_off"); }); }); I’m relatively new to jQuery scripting, and I’m running into a problem trying to do

Run Jquery Script after delete post in front end

I have a list of posts on a page on the front end. With each post I have created a delete button with get_delete_post_link. This

Custom JQuery Lightbox doesn’t work on WordPress site

When I run the code offline using a HTML code and calling the JQuery Library, it works properly. However, when I try to implement it

Inserting PHP into jQuery css()

I’m working on a WordPress theme and I have come across a little block. I have a small app within the theme that highlights a

How to get wordpress COOKIEPATH in jquery?

I have a wordpress site which I would like to extend with custom plugin. In my plugin I use an external custom JavaScript file. In

WordPress 3.9 and jQuery Wildcard Selector Issue

I am trying to implement a “checkall” with the following code: <script> jQuery('.grpInclude').on('click', function(e){ e.preventDefault(); var checkBoxes = jQuery('input[id=*"grpInc"]'); checkBoxes.prop("checked", !checkBoxes.prop("checked")); }); </script> However, it

WordPress plugin causes duplicate jquery source file include on different port

My website is configured in such way that admin section is on port 9999 and user facing section is on port 80. When i do

In the Edit Post page how do I modify with jQuery the status select list?

Here is my JS: jQuery('#post_status option[value="draft"]').text('Approve'); I simply trying to modify the text inside the option element in the status select form element in the

Sprint Mobile Network doesn’t load jQuery slider

I’m not sure if this is the proper place to post this, but I am at a loss as to where to ask for help,

Word Counter plugin in textarea WordPress solution not working in jquery 1.11.0

I’ve set up my form with the code from this thread: Counting and limiting words in a textarea However the fiddle code was written with

wp_next_scheduled() with jQuery Countdown

I’m working with the jQuery Countdown timer for the first time and I wanted to integrate it into my WordPress site to display the time

WordPress Uncaught TypeError: undefined is not a function - Jquery Tag-it Plugin

I am trying to use Tagit Jquery Plugin, Also attaching photo if somebody want to see The page where i am using this

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