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Where can I find the wordpress-woocommerce completed order email language file?

I would like to change a word in the completed order e-mail. I tried to edit the wp-contentpluginswoocommercei18nlanguageswoocommerce-hu_HU.po file, but it has no effect,the e-mail

How to query the custom fields by language?

For each post, there is a custom field name “Function”, the key/value pair is like this: Key : Functions Value : <!--en-->Nourishing Yin and invigorating

Changing the language for each individual site in wordpress multisite

I currently have a multisite setup and I currently have two sites, one is English (default) and the other I want it to be French.

Change date language - WordPress

I have done this before, but I have forgotten it. I have searched online alot for solving this problem, but haven’t found exactly what I

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