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WordPress: make a post’s video URL accessible from the loop

I’m looking for solution to a particular situation. In my theme each post is on a single page (single.php). Single page has a slider inside

PHP Loop Statement into un-ordered list 3 columns

I currently have the following code. The code echos a list of categories contained within the WordPress database. The code is working correctly, however I

Advanced Custom Fields (Loop user profile field)

I have created a field within the wordpress profile (created with a plugin called Advanced Custom Fields) which allows customers to upload their logo. I

WordPress: Possible to get the title of the 2nd and 3rd post from within the loop while processing story #1?

I wanted to be able to query the DB table for the title of the second and third posts to get their title (or any

Sort rss youtube videos by views, outside wordpress loop. Cookies?

Im using a plugin called WP RSS Aggregator to collect youtube videos from around 200 youtube and vimeochannels. They are not stored in wordpress posts,

Loop starts from the beginning with second while loop on author.php

I am using the same template for author.php and home/blog.php. I have a loop split into 3 parts. <?php if(have_posts()): //do a thing endif: $i

This webpage has a redirect loop. Error code: ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS

I am migrating a word press site from one Ubuntu server to another Ubuntu server.I have changed all the word press URL’s in the database.

The Loop in Static Page

I have some questions about the loop. I’m using “twentyfourteen” theme as an example. I’m creating 2 php files with basic loop. One is home.php,

Do not duplicate posts with Genesis and Custom Loop

I’m using the Sample Child Theme to create a website for my client. But I do need some help. I created a page called home.php

WordPress – Display page content before read more without using a loop

Confusing title, I know. Let me explain. Currently, I have this little guy set up in my WordPress theme: <?php $id=7; $post = get_post($id); $content

Strange misbehaviour with chaining PHP WordPress Post Loop

I am trying to simply output all posts but everything is working fine but I want to add the classes in the tag but the

Unable to login + Redirect loop on mobile

When I try to login to my wordpress page, I’m stuck in the loginpage without any CSS. Filling in the correct logins doesn’t get me

WordPress query loop to get taxonomy based data

I have a news letter subscription system based on category. I mean user can choose the categories for subscription (event-categories taxonomy). The post_type is subscriber

facebook share functionality in wordpress loop

I am trying to add facebook share functionality to my wordpress posts. in my wp loop i have a share button <a class="action_button" href="javascript:void(0)" id="share_button"

Conditional loop based on current pahe

I’m trying to get the loop below to display only the post with the category that reflects the given condition but it doesn’t seem to

Conditional loop based on current page

I’m trying to get the loop below to display only the post with the category that reflects the given condition but it doesn’t seem to

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