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Display a tag before the menu list content

Is that possible to insert a text before the menu items? In this case, I want to lead a tag for the list content (like

CSS: hidden mistake about menu hover

I have problem with my website’s navigation. When I use to put logo image above the menu menu hover not working correctly. More clear: on

WordPress Custom Menu Items User Filtering

I need users to be able to apply filters ( by selecting custom Taxonomies from a list) to the wordpress custom menu to limit the

Create user filters for wordpress custom menu based on custom taxonomies

I have a wordpress site which has custom taxonomies added to each post to denote the region, terrain and climate that the information in the

WordPress - customized wp_nav_menu for specific menu

I have a menu named “header-menu” and I only want this menu to be affected by the function I wrote below. How can I prevent

Insert a div class inside wordpress menu

<ul id="menu"> <li><a href="#">About Assetline</a> <li><a href="#">Products & Services</a> <div id="mega"> <ul> <li><a href="#">Commercial Credit</a></li> </ul> <ul> <li><a href="#">Portfolio Management</a></li> </ul> </div><!--mega--> </li> <li><a href="#">News

WordPress Mega menu Styling

I have a website which is done by only html and css . Now I’m integrating that into wordpress . But there’s a issue when

How to add a code for lastpostdate after/inside a specific menu link?

So, I have a news website. The designers want me to have a link in the menu that says “Latest News - [time of the

WordPress Shortcode in Menu Item Title

I’ve looked and have not found anything that works. I am trying to include a shortcode in a menu item’s ‘Navigation Label’. Basically Iwould like

Elusive WordPress menu bug, any suggestions? I am truly stumped

The issue is the menu appears on some pages but not on others. (The very top navigation menu, top left) Here is the code I

CSS3 and Menu Item Highlighting

I am trying to make a simple sidebar menu that has its menu item styled or highlighted when its linked page is currently viewed. I’ve

Custom Posts are being duplicated under ‘Pages’ menu

I’m perplexed. When creating a custom post, a exact copy is being created as a page and appears in ‘Pages’ menu. If I delete a

pre_get_posts causes Custom Posts appear under ‘Pages’ menu

In order to enable pagination on for custom post archive I’ve added pre_get_posts function. But, funnily it caused my custom posts be duplicated under ‘Pages’

how to avoid bullets showing in main menu

i am working on a WordPress site, and my initial problem was that when i had a bullet, the text would wrap around it such

Add a class to WordPress side menu only child

What I am struggling with is my side menu in IE8. The a:only-child:before works in all the browsers I have tested (Firefox and Chrome and

WordPress Menu Issue

Can someone help me with my WordPress menu for a custom plugin I’m creating? // Add the menu, only for administrators public function add_menu(){ if(is_admin()){

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