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How to remove admin main menu name repetition

I have added an admin menu using add_menu_page. When there is a sub menu with add_submenu_page, The main menu name is repeating. How to remove

Create searchform in menu as in WP Twenty Fourteen theme

I would like to replicate the search form in WP Twenty Fourteen’s menu. I have tried to hide and show the search button with jQuery.

adding shortcode to the main menu

Is it possible to add shortcode to a main menu? I tried the following but no luck? add_filter('wp_nav_menu_items','add_nwadcart_widget_to_menu', 10, 2); function add_nwadcart_widget_to_menu( $items, $args )

jquery dropdown menu delay

i made a dropdown menu for my wordpress theme. If hovered i made it slideToggle. The Problem is, if the mouse is moved to fast,

How to make JS work on WordPress Menu?

I want to add a custom item to my main menu for booking. It should work with Javascript. I tried a few suggestions but it

Extending the walker class to add a top level list item to the nav menu in a different order

I’ve seen functions to append to the beginning or the end of the menu, but how do I add this list item right after the

Creating a menu page in a Object Oriented developed plugin

I am trying for the first time to build a plugin for WordPress following OOP way. I am having some problems while trying to create

Adding to a Scroll to menu items in css

I am using wordpress and have about 8 menu items and due to how the theme has been designed, some of the menu items (in

How to make menu like the example website

I am working on a WordPress theme and I want to make menu like Is there a plugin or code available for this? Thanks!

widget menu missing under appearance wordpress

Hi guyz i am new in developing wordpress custom theme . Please any body tell me how to add widget menu under appearance in dashboard.

CSS code to change the Navigation bar and menu using Divi theme

I would like to change my websites Navigation bar and drop down menu.Please provide me css code to put in epanel->Custom CSS. I’m Using Divi

WP menu is not working as expected

Super newb question here, but my brian is not working tonight. I’m using a provided JS script on a wordpress site to make a single-page

Sub ‘Page’ Child Menu Order

I cannot seem to get the order of my sub-page Menu items in the correct order. They will only display in alpha or numerical order

List of WordPress menu item indices?

The following code will rename the “Posts” menu item to “Blog Posts” in the WordPress Dashboard: function lc_change_post_menu_label() { global $menu; $menu[5][0] = 'Blog Posts';

menu hierarchy not working

I have created a theme from scratch and was using a custom menu with no problem. Somehow, I lost the ability to create a hierarchy

How to remove admin menu inserted by plugins?

Is there any way to remove admin menu inserted by plugin’s? Read more here: How to remove admin menu inserted by plugins

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