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WordPress custom field or meta box to add data to footer

I have a custom theme which has a footer.php file, which contains my footer. This footer contains two YouTube videos which I have currently hardcoded

Meta Query filter custom input field types

Haven’t really seen any tutorials that include Meta_query array that shows how to get input field values on submit from users to filter results within

Setting conditional background image from meta value

I am trying to set background image from meta value.I am successful also.But if the meta image is not set the out put <div id="pricing"

WordPress Meta Slider Snippet in a div

I have a custom HTML/CSS/Jquery WordPress theme, I installed Meta Slider, It provided me with a snippet and a template shortcode that it said to

Can’t Add Custom Meta Box to Custom Post Type

Trying to add a custom meta box to a custom post type in wordpress and nothing seems to work. When I copy and paste a

Do Ive to create a new function for every meta box field?

Im still trying to learn how to build a comprehensive plugin in WordPress, and Im having issues with meta boxes. If its possible I would

WordPress User Meta retrieving advance data for meta_key

I am creating a custom profile form for one of my websites based on WordPress. I am using add more button for a particular field

WordPress Meta Box for custom post type

I have a custom post type (“site”) that I’m using to display our clients, and I am trying to add a custom meta box to

Special & simple ideas for sentence tokenizer and store meta information about tokens in database

I’m building a web application of language processor. Here I store quotes & stories in database. then I assaign corresponding meta info of tokens in

Custom Meta Boxes repeatable field show on single.php

I have this code that creates a repeatable list of name and link to the post editor but can not find how to display it

WordPress - Reusable Custom WordPress Meta Boxes

Im using Reusable Custom WordPress Meta Boxes - in order to add custom meta boxes to my theme. One of the requirements is that

unable to display the image meta value as background

I want to use meta url as background image.But the fact that I do not want to show “background-image:url(‘_’)” this way because if my meta

Show all post in wordpress with specific meta value

I want show all post with “city” value when i select second option. How to do? i try next code but not work corectly. <select>

Cant query custom meta box values to display codes

Im having trouble querying posts that I want to from a dropdown metabox in the posts.. I eventually aim to create metaboxes for featured post

Select rows as colums for wordpress post meta

WordPress’s wp_postmeta table has all the additional fields for a post but they are in rows so it’s easy to add more. However, now I

WooCommerce Get Item Meta from All Orders

I am trying to display all Order Items (with the Item Meta) for All completed orders from the WooCommerce plugin. I also want to limit

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