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Moving from to blogger and keeping images working

I want to move my back to blogger. I’ve succesfully imported all the images. But I’ve discovered that as soon as I change the

Moving an image on wordpress

How do I move this image on my wordpress site to the left side ??? I can’t do this ,I’m stuck at it , I

Moving an image to the side

How do I move this image on my WordPress site to the left side? I don’t know which file to look for and which code

After moving the wordpress site to different server admin section is blank

I recently moved one wordpress site to a different server. After moving to different server the frontend works well but the admin section is blank.

How to get rid of error message of custom metabox in dashboard when moving out of edit page?

in plugins folder i’have custom-post-metabox folder, inside it custom-post-metabox.php, admin.js and admin.css. //code of custom-post-metabox.php <?php /** * Plugin Name: Custom Post Meta Box *

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