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rewrite url for a single custom post on a multisite

I have a custom post type named ‘itineraries’ and its slug is being rewritten to ‘destination’ My urls to a single itinerary post look like

How To Run Multiple Multi-Site Networks On Same Box

I’m building a multi-site project locally using the VVV Vagrant VM. I setup a sub-domain multisite install with domain mapping and two sub-sites. Everything works

Multisite wordpress config on multidomain

I have to create multisite on wordpress network. its base for all, but it only crossroad for users. Links from redirect to,

Multisite installation without using domain root

I would like to create a multisite installation using subdirectories, but I don’t want any of the sites to use the domain root as their

wordpress multisite - multiple registeration

On a wp multiste, I would like users to be able to register on one site with the ability to register on the other sites

Changing the language for each individual site in wordpress multisite

I currently have a multisite setup and I currently have two sites, one is English (default) and the other I want it to be French.

multisite can’t import media and users

I have recently created my first unmanaged VPS and install WordPress Multisite. Ok is working well, until I try to import other blog content (xml)

WordPress multisite on altervista

I would like to set up a multisite (network) on altervista using WORDPRESS. I followed the tutorials to do so. Changed the wp-config.php as asked

How to use laravel and wordpress multisite in the same domain

I have a wordpress multisite installation using wordpress subfolders and a laravel app side by side in the /var/www directory The wordrpress installation is called

URL for images folder on Multisite

I am developing a theme locally on a local multisite installation and trying to change the default gravitar with the following function: function custom_gravitar ($avatar_defaults)

Custom field when adding new site to multisite networked WordPress

I have a multisite setup in WordPress. Is there a way for me to implement a custom field when I create a new site in

How can a plugin run a script after being updated in MultiSite?

Imagine a WordPress MultiSite Network with plugin Foo in it (but only active on some of the sites). When upgrading plugin Foo from version 1.0

Multisite: List all Blogs alphabetically

Right now I do this … <ul role="navigation" class="sektionen"> <?php $blog_list = wp_get_sites(); foreach ($blog_list AS $blog) { global $blog_id; $currentblog = get_blog_details( $blog['blog_id'] );

Different back-end colour scheme for the different sites of a multisite

Is it possible to have a different back-end colour scheme selected for the different sites of a multisite? i.e. “Sunrise” for Site A and “Midnight”

Multisite new sites not found(404), main site still works

I followed wordpress guide to install multisite. My main site ( works well, my multisite is based on subdirectory i.e., (, however it doesn’t load

Update own Plugin Repository on Multisite

i have a curios problem what i cannot fix. On the plugin mainfile i defined: add_filter('pre_set_site_transient_update_plugins', array('moreads_update','check_4_updates')); add_filter('plugins_api', array('moreads_update','plugin_api_info'),10,3); The Class Functions: static public function

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