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Nginx Configuration Issues for Laravel Installed Inside WordPress

I have installed LEMP stack on my cloud VPS at digitalocean. I have installed WordPress on my root domain and then installed laravel in a

Rewrite url for pagination links in wordpress for nginx server

I have a home page which has pagination option. The theme I was using had pagination which wasn’t working correctly. Therefore, I replaced it with

Nginx php-mysql unintelligible database connection issue

I have a wordpress website and i’m using nginx. Everything was allright until this morning, I tried to enter my website and it was just

WordPress showing 404 error when configuring Apache with Nginx

I am trying to configure Nginx as reverse proxy server along with Apache2.I have build Nginx with page_speed module by following Google developer tutorial build_ngx_pagespeed_from_source.

How to check nginx server perfomance

comrades! I want to know if there is any way to determine and compare my dedicated server perfomance. It is used as web server with

404 Page When I switched over to Nginx from Apache

I have WordPress issue on my published pages… they turned into 404 Page! I switch from Apache to Nginx and I think this is the

nginx load wordpress from a subdirectory

I followed a guide from here to install wordpress on my ubuntu server. Upon entering the url loads me the front page. server {

WordPress W3 Total Cache Minify - JS and CSS Files Not Created (nginx)

I have a WordPress site I’m trying to minify with W3 Total Cache. It runs on nginx on Ubuntu 12.04. I am in manual minify

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