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how to find gravity form dropdown selected option in mail notification

<select name="input_20" id="input_5_20" class="medium gfield_select" tabindex="5"><option value="" selected="selected">Please choose </option> <option value="test1">Test1</option> <option value="test2">Test2</option> <option value="test3">Test3</option> <option value="test4">Test4</option> <option value="test5">Test5</option> <option value="test6">Test6</option> <option value="test7">Test7</option> <option

email notification to specific email adress

i was creat a custom post type. now i need to send specific email notification! is possible to send email notification of some Post Type

Annoying notification when trying to create a new page

Whenever I try tomake a new page, I get an annoying block asking me so upgrade some plugin of some sort. Is there a way

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