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Remove ‘Theme Options’ Option Tree WordPress

I use the Options Tree. Just to use a Meta Box only. And I do not use his Theme Options. In the picture below, how

Navigation menu options styling (CSS)

I am having trouble working with some styling. If you visit this demo site: I am trying to make the orange navigation menu button

Radio Button options for page content

I’m building a WordPress site and we have some content that should be accessible globally (across all custom post types/posts). We have product pages and

Making WordPress plugin options use WordPress WYSIWYG

I’m currently developing a plugin for WordPress. I’ve come to a bit where I want the admin user to be able to add a large

Plugin options not being saved or created

Having a lot of trouble with this config page. I have followed the documentation (which was sparse) and done a bit of searching for help.

wp_parse_args not insert it to options

wp_parse_args not inserting default value to options. But its printing results. $options = get_option('my_options'); $defaults = array ( 'logo' => '', 'do_extra_thing' => false );

Options Framework Multiple Images

I’m attempting to get the hang of Options Framework and have a question. I’m using the Options Framework Theme which allows you to include it

Tabbed navigation for plugin options using same row in database for all?

I’m trying to use WordPress’ native tabbed navigation on my plugin’s options page, but I’m having trouble. I’ve managed to get the options to display,

Free WordPress Theme with Custom CSS (real code, not just options…)

I was wondering if it’s possible to use custom CSS on free blogs? I want to start one, but every theme I look at

How to make slider in options framework

I am using options-framework in wordpress 3.9.1 . I need help for make option panel for slider. Read more here: How to make slider in

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