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how can i give breakline in txt file i am exporting order details in txt file

i required break-line i get my output in the browser, but it does not on the text file while i am downloading the txt file.

Where can I find the wordpress-woocommerce completed order email language file?

I would like to change a word in the completed order e-mail. I tried to edit the wp-contentpluginswoocommercei18nlanguageswoocommerce-hu_HU.po file, but it has no effect,the e-mail

how to make a copy of a mysql table, adding some columns and taking some out, changing the order and retaining any data relevant to the new table?

I want a wordpress user to be able to alter the structure of a database table, while retaining data in columns that are unchanged. My

Show Custom Field On Woocommerce View Order Page

I want to show Air Waybill on customer ‘view order’ page of woocommerce I create a custome field named AWB , value xxx How to

Add Class according to the order of appearance

My loop returns five posts and the HTML should look like this.. <ul> <li class="topfive"> ... </li> <li class="topfive"> ... </li> <li class="topfive"> ... </li>

WooCommerce Order canceled after payment done

I am using WordPress 3.9.1, WooCommerce 2.1.12, and WC USAePay Gateway 1.2.2. Multiple time our customer told us the money gets deducted on checkout page

Woocommerce auto redirect to payment gateway on clicking place order button

I use latest version of woo-commerce and payU money payment gateway. After I click on place order button in checkout, by selecting payUmoney payment gateway,

Order posts by ACF field Date Picker

I am trying to order the posts by the Date Picker field of Advanced Custom Fields. What I have done is this: 'post_type' => 'events',

How to edit the order page of woocommerce admin in wordpress How can i edit the woocommerce admin order page in code. Need help. Read more here: How to edit the order page of woocommerce

woocommerce shipping table rates per order + per cart

I am using woocommerce table rate shipping In my current system I need to two types of shipping rates 1. Per Order (Based on category

Get the first image URL of a post, by order (featured, first image, then default)

I want to get the first image URL of a post, in this order: first get the featured image of the post, if not, get

How to display posts from multiple post type in random order in wordpress?

I want to display posts from multiple post types( photo, post) in wordpress, where I want to display one post from photo post type and

How get order tracking number from fedex and show in order details if user in woocommerce?

I am developing ecommerce website in wordpress using woocommerce and SYN Media WooCommerce Fedex plugins, i want to sent order tracking details to my users

Extending the walker class to add a top level list item to the nav menu in a different order

I’ve seen functions to append to the beginning or the end of the menu, but how do I add this list item right after the

Sub ‘Page’ Child Menu Order

I cannot seem to get the order of my sub-page Menu items in the correct order. They will only display in alpha or numerical order

Is there a way to order posts and custom post types as one group?

I have tried several plugins which seem to purport to do this (like this one), but they either don’t or are very poor in their

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