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ASPX pages not working in Application within PHP site in IIS8.5

I have WordPress setup in IIS8.5 and I’m trying to add a ASP.NET 4.0 site as a subfolder/application. The URL will look like this…

WordPress search for pages

I’m trying to write a search feature on a website of mine, and it seems like it’s not pulling in any of the pages, only

How to display list of child pages with parent in wordpress?

I have following format of subpages in wordpress: About Us -Services -Products -Surgery I want to list all subpages with parent page like above but

two different pages on wordpress

i ‘m a beginner at wordpress. I wonder how can i have 2 totally different pages on wordpress. By that i mean , i want

openshift wordpress serving old pages, ignoring header.php changes

I have openshift with wordpress cartridge. I need to edit/write php files, and have done so via WordPress theme editor page. ( i have confirmed

Group pages in WordPress

I have a WordPress site with English and French pages. I would like to group the French pages separately from the English pages and to

wordpress plugin development issue : Generate php pages

is anybody knows how to generate pages in wordpress, with php code as a content using a plugin? for example the plugin will create landing

PHP Generated product pages e.g: Page: [1] 2 3 4

I have a product page that is generated using WordPress to get the products and display them, however I want to be able to limit

Cannot find and delete default ‘Home’ page in pages list

I am starting a wordpress website and created my first page called ‘home’ but when I go to view my site I have 2 home

How to add a custom body class for pages that are not the front page?

I am trying to add a custom body class .custom-body in a WordPress site to all pages that are NOT the front page: To my

How to display list of child pages of parent page in wordpress?

I have following format of menu. Treatment -Beauty --Services --Products -Surgery -washing I have followed follwed following link: How to Display a List of Child

Custom Posts are being duplicated under ‘Pages’ menu

I’m perplexed. When creating a custom post, a exact copy is being created as a page and appears in ‘Pages’ menu. If I delete a

pre_get_posts causes Custom Posts appear under ‘Pages’ menu

In order to enable pagination on for custom post archive I’ve added pre_get_posts function. But, funnily it caused my custom posts be duplicated under ‘Pages’

Make plugin content load like WordPress Pages and Posts

I’m currently working on a system which offers various courses. The courses are managed via a plugin I have written in the back-end. The user

how to know which Archive Pages user now active

I have two custom post type name as ‘product’ and ‘blog’. And I have also two archive page ‘archive-product.php’ and ‘archive-blog.php’. Now i want to

WordPress navigation IE 9 and below not working on home but works on rest of the pages

Hey guys I would really appreciate help. I created a custom wordpress theme and the site is Only enough on all IE9 and below

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