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How to pass an array as attribute of shortcode to work properly shortcode parser?

echo ‘[test attr=”‘.json_encode(array(‘test’=>’my[][dfd]dfds[][][‘)).'”]’; //How to safe pass the array as attribute in shortcodes ? Read more here: How to pass an array as attribute of

How to pass meta_value in worpress query posts

I want to pass meta_value in query posts in wordpress. Here coding I tried but not working. <?php $db_highest = $wpdb->get_results($wpdb->prepare("SELECT meta_value FROM wp_postmeta WHERE

pass onclick event to another page

I am creating portfolio website, here is the link , All the portfolio on homepage are filterable in click event, but when I goes

Unable to pass variable from jQuery/AJAX to PHP

I’m trying to pass the Post ID of an Option in a Select Drop Down field in Gravity Forms through jQuery/AJAX in order to be

WooCommerce -Need to pass Paypal AppID on standard payment

I am modifying woocommerce paypal standard for adaptive payment. Please let me know how to pass paypal AppID through standard payment html mode. Thanks

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