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Redirecting WordPress Permalink from .html to / for posts

I’ve just changed my permalinks in WordPress Permalink Settings. The old post links were like that, Now new links are I want to

How to achieve a clean custom permalink solution?

I am working on the design of a blog with the below(just a sample) category hierarchy. PARENT | |------------------------------------------------| Food Fashion | | |---------------------| |---------------------|

change precedence of permalink for post_types?

I have a series of pages with the heirarchy: /albums /name1 /name2 /name3 If I have a permalink /name2 it shows that page. I don’t

Hierarchy of Subcategories on Permalink

I’m new to WordPress. My current permalink is set to /%category%/%postname%/ and a “.” (dot) in the Category base. My categorys ID are bigger than

WordPress Custom Type permalink with custom Taxonomy slug

I have a custom post type on my site called Homes, with a custom taxonomy called homes-category. They are both working correctly, but I am

Link title to external link instead of permalink

I’m trying to get the same effect as the plugin Pages Link To where the title of the post is linked to an external link.

Variable string in wordpress page permalink

I have a page in wordpress which shows all registered users in a table. When clicked on a user you’ll be redirected to their user

set new link as permalink

i have external link stored in a variable $extlink which is generated based on different selections in the post. how do i set the permalink

Use the same date-based permalink structure for all post types

Is there a way to use exactly the same date-based permalink structure for all (non-hierachical) post types on a site, including posts and custom post

WordPress - Displaying content inside the custom post’s permalink

In wordpress all posts have permalinks, and all non-custom posts will have the information displayed in their permalink which would let you see only that

Custom Post Type - Permalink Problem

I am having a hard time implementing a custom post type correctly. I have searched for a solution for a long time but couldn’t find

Single page problem when permalink type changed

I have a custom post type which i create and works perfect without any problem, its a team page to show some members in a

Set permalink just for normal posts in WordPress, excluding custom post types

I have a WordPress site with a blog on /blog/, and I also have a custom post type, which for now, we can call “recipes”.

wordpress permalink getting the previous clicked link

I have displayed the title from the selected category. And it’s an anchor tag, but The permalink is not working. What is the problem here?

WordPress, where to identify the permalink error?

I have a html code which links to the function.php to gets the URL for the a href. <a href="<?php echo projectTheme_post_new_link(); ?>"><?php echo __("Post

Webdav with permalink in WordPress v3.3.1

I’ve deployed wordpress and I’m using it with postgreSQL, I’ve configured permalinks successfully, but my webdav folder stoped to work. Is there some way to

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