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Automatically prepending ‘#’ to slug in child page permalinks

Problem I’d like to have any child page url like automatically turns into Could this be done with htaccess rewrite rules or any

Post Name Permalinks broke Carousel of Images

I am using Carousel of Post images v. 1.05. It worked fine until I switched to Post Name Permalinks. Then it broke. I would appreciate

Custom permalinks WordPress

When creating a plugin for WordPress, I came across the following problem: I want to use custom URL’s for my plugin but whenever I use

wordpress on shared windows hosting - enabling seo friendly permalinks and 301 redirects

I currently have a site hosted on windows and the host provided me with a web.config to enable seo friendly permalinks (for post name). I

Error "Not Found" with permalinks set to "Post name"

I have set the Permalinks from Default to Post name in the backend, but now I get a Not Found error everytime I try to

WordPress Permalinks error with subdirectory: allowoverride vs. htaccess

I tried to give my wordpress blog a nice url structure with permalinks and so far it works fine. One thing is not working and

Change permalinks structure for specific category

I need to change my permalink structure just for one category. Now I have: /%postname%/ , but for News category I need this structure: /%postname%-%post_id%/.

wordpress postname permalinks

I have a local WAMP setup for testing purpose. But whenever I switch the permalinks from default to postname, all the pages will become error

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