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add a Php drop down list to jquery

I’m populating a drop down list with page links in wordpress, see code below. $html .= '<select id="pp_dropdown_link" name="hero_options[pp_dropdown_link_'.$i.']"> <option value="">' . attribute_escape(__('Select page')) .

Populate a drop down list in query using some php

Here’s my script in php $pages = get_pages(); foreach ($pages as $pagg) { $html .= '<option value="'.get_page_link($pagg->ID).'"' . selected( $hero_options['pp_dropdown_link_'.$i.''], ''.get_page_link($pagg->ID).'', false) . '>'; if

Php Ajax in wordpress

iam creating a site using wordpress my contact form i have used ajax to pass multiple values to another php file.By this code <script

PHP Loop Statement into un-ordered list 3 columns

I currently have the following code. The code echos a list of categories contained within the WordPress database. The code is working correctly, however I

Using a combination of html and php in an echo in a php file (wordpress)

I’d be most grateful if someone could help me out here. I’d like to call a shortcode in a echo section, in a php file

Echoing php in php

im having an problem, currently im using a code to alter page content. <?php if (isset($_GET['ad']) && $_GET['ad'] == 1) { echo ""; } else

ASPX pages not working in Application within PHP site in IIS8.5

I have WordPress setup in IIS8.5 and I’m trying to add a ASP.NET 4.0 site as a subfolder/application. The URL will look like this…

Optimizing a PHP WordPress template with edits that have many includes and loops to index.php causing massive server load on VPS

Our site is setup in this manner: We have a domain and and all our individual hotel pages are under that domain. However, the setup

Inserting PHP into jQuery css()

I’m working on a WordPress theme and I have come across a little block. I have a small app within the theme that highlights a

php function: the html did not display

I created a function called portfolio but unfortunately the html of the code are not display while the function from wordpress is working. function portfolio($id){

PHP bulk emails without cron job

I’m currently building a wordpress plugin for a charity, and am wondering what my options are for sending out bulk emails. They have an event

Trying to figure out a way to output PHP as plain text

I’m trying to figure out the php output of a shortcode in WordPress. I need to know the actual php this short code generates so

PHP in AJAX with WordPress

I have a function the_rooms defined as: function the_rooms() { $latteParams['post'] = WpLatte::createPostEntity( $GLOBALS['wp_query']->post, array( 'meta' => $GLOBALS['pageOptions'], ) ); $rooms = wp_get_post_terms($latteParams['post']->id, 'ait-dir-item-rooms'); if

Fatal error: Call to a member function query() on a non-object php [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here: Call to a member function on a non-object [duplicate] 8 answers I’m a tech support at a school

Linux / PHP server settings for WordPress Site

I’ve recently switched to my own cloudserver and not 100% sure what’s the optimal settings to run mostly WordPress sites would be. OS I’m running

How to avoid php memory overload

I have problem with hostin caompanies and php memory overload I have few wordpress sites with wocommerce and 4-9 K products on each. Traffic is

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