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User submitted guides for specific game, any CMS or any plugin?

I’m new to stackoverflow, I’ve been looking for this all over the web. I’m trying to create a website where users can submit their own

override function from my plugin

can anyone guide me how can I override following function from my plugin. I know how to use add_action but I didn’t found add_action for

wordpress extend theme function.php with a plugin

I am trying to write a function for wordpress multisite that would affect all installed themes on page load by adding this line on the

change comment structure in buddypress plugin

I try to change default comment structure of buddy press with my own plugin and add some custom edit . for that i found we

Linking wordpress plugin page with another in the same directory

I am making a plugin page on wordpress admin, that I have connected it using the add_menu_page() command. This page displays a list of custom

Writing plugin to affect the index.php file

I am new to PHP and WordPress plugin so I am a bit ignorant of some features. I want to write a plugin that restricts

Get last inserted id in sign up page in membermouse plugin?

when i register for free sign up on is entered into wordpress table and membermouse table . My question: how can we get last

Receiving syntax error "Unexpected }" for a professional WordPress plugin, Sidebar Menu Widget

I’m receiving an “Unexpected }” syntax error for a commercially available WordPress plugin, Sidebar Menu Widget, and I can’t seem to find out why such

WordPress plugin causes duplicate jquery source file include on different port

My website is configured in such way that admin section is on port 9999 and user facing section is on port 80. When i do

do_shortcode inside my plugin breaks content

How to get the short code applied content inside a plugin using add_filter('the_content', 'myfun_contentrender'); I have a situation like append some text to the content

I have installed Another WordPress Classifieds plugin I have to integrate with woocomerce

I have installed Another WordPress Classifieds plugin. I have to integrate with woocommerce plugin. How I can do? Read more here: I have installed Another

how to add link on wordpress wonder plugin carousel description

i am try to set link on description using wonder plugin carousel in wordpress. here i am type in description something like test its display

WordPress Contact Form 7 plugin issue in IE8

I have used contact form 7 plugin woth wordpress 3.3.1, While validating the form the spinning arrow is shown but nothing happens in ie8, but

EBS payment gateway integration with Group Buying plugin

I am working on ecommerce website for medical health care company.Here i am using Group Buying plugin for payment integration with the paypal option. Client

Imagebank - WordPress plugin or other script

I need a plugin for WP or a separate script that allows me to create imagebank, something like this: Functions that are needed include:

How make VR jScrollPane working with tabs plugin in WordPress?

I spent several hours trying to find a solution for the following WordPress problem. I have implemented “Quick tabs” and “VR jScrollPane Shortcode” plugins here:

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