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Combining Two WordPress Plugins Together

Is there a way to mix two different WordPress plugins such as the meta slider and wonderplugin carousel? What I am trying to do is

Search plugins and media categories

I’m very fairly new when it comes to plugins on WordPress. Currently I’m using a plugin called ” Enhanced Media Library ” for my wordpress

installed WordPress but can’t upgrade or add plugins due to webdav https?

Uploaded wordpress and themes via webdav https but can’t seem to add plugins or upgrade WordPress. I’m presuming the is a webdav security feature? Is

How to Enable Shortcode in plugins custom text box

I have a wordpress plugin which has a text box (i am using wp-editor). the problem is this the shortcode is not working. same shortcode

How to prevent loading of all plugin’s resources?

WordPress is loading all client resources of all plugins, not just the plugin of interest. It may make sense to load jqery globally but it

Two plugins and themes directories with remote access

I want to have two plugin and theme directories in wordpress so that I have access to plugins and themes from both directories at the

How to remove admin menu inserted by plugins?

Is there any way to remove admin menu inserted by plugin’s? Read more here: How to remove admin menu inserted by plugins

External page is not working in woocommerce custom plugins

I have created a custom plugin for Woocommerce in Wordress. I have added new link to the add to cart button on products loop page.

Where to list plugins

A consultancy we work with has mentioned about selling the intellectual property for a couple of the plugins they have developed, they used them internally

WordPress Staging and Testing of Plugins Best Practices

I’m just being testing a lot around for pagespeed. Doing this on a live system is a pain since you only can work between 2am

Strip HTML comments from plugins in header/footer

Would anyone know a function or how to remove from the header and footer so that they won’t be visible when viewing source? Read more

Google Map is not working on the second tab of Tab Plugins

Is there any way to make the map work on the second tab? Actually, whichever Tab plugin I use the map is not loading properly

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