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Problem with using ‘category__in’ in query_posts and ‘category’ in get_posts as passing arguments

i am trying this with query_posts : $post_category = 12,9 $post_category_array = explode(',', $post_category); query_posts( array( 'post_type' => $post_type, 'orderby' => 'menu_order', 'order' => 'ASC',

Ajax category pagination problem

I want to make a pagination or load more button for my ajax category display. Here is my attempt, I have no idea how it

Problem with members area using current_user_can and a custom capability

I am currently writing a custom theme for my rugby team. As part of the theme, there is a ‘player’s area’. The code to setup

register_settings callback function posing problem

Hi I am writing this plugin as an exercise and everything is working except when I try to validate image upload through register_setting callback function

Custom Post Type - Permalink Problem

I am having a hard time implementing a custom post type correctly. I have searched for a solution for a long time but couldn’t find

Exchange Ecommerce Plugin Problem With Redirect

Well as the title of the post states I have a big problem. I have no freakin’ idea whats going on and maybe some of

Single page problem when permalink type changed

I have a custom post type which i create and works perfect without any problem, its a team page to show some members in a

Problem dynamically generating an all purpose title tag

The code (below) works fine on all pages but front-page.php in WordPress. Specifically, it adds an extra pipe symbol to the beginning of the title

Woocommerce Price Filter problem

I have a problem with the price filter widget, seems not wqorking properly regarding the max price. The min price is ok ( 3 )

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