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Related post by category reture this error: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end in

I got this code from this site on how to display related post by category but when I paste it to my theme it return

Related post by category: {if id = to current page id} should not display in related post

I workout wordpress related post by category. my problem is I don’t want to display the item in current post in the related post. for

SQL sentence to collect all data and metadata related to wordpress post

Hello I have to export a wordpress database to csv, only certain fields are relevant, so I’m trying to construct a query in order to

increase related products on single product page (woocommerce)

im doing some work on a website running wordpress - woocommerce styled by Jupiter theme. The problem is that I’ve asked the developers for help

Get post related to particular meta box?

I have created few metaboxes and i would like to show the post related to that particular metabox value. Just like we get the post

Post relationship with custom excerpts for each related post

I’m building a recommendations site, where people can recommend other posts and give their opinion (a short text) on that post. So in the admin,

How to show related posts by category or custom post type?

I’m looking for the best way to go about creating, probably, custom post type where you can filter in the categories related to that custom

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