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How to remove thousand separator in woocommerce prices

I would like to display prices without thousand separator (NOT like this €1,698.00). How to disable this comma? Read more here: How to remove thousand

Remove ‘Theme Options’ Option Tree WordPress

I use the Options Tree. Just to use a Meta Box only. And I do not use his Theme Options. In the picture below, how

Remove all widget instances

A project of mine will display data with help of widgets. The user can set the source of the information and each widget will display

Php to Xml - Remove a text part from a result

i have the code i will show next: $xml->startElement("description"); $xml->writeRaw(utf8_encode(strip_tags($row['post_content'],''))); $xml->endElement(); and this bring me a result like <description>A M21Rh – Empresa de Trabalho Temporário,

How to remove footer’s copyright details from GavernWP theme?

I want to remove theme details from footer of Meet GavernWP, a WordPress theme. I am not very familiar with PHP, which requires familiarity to

Remove arrows from previous and next link

In the wordpress theme I am developing I inserted some code to display links to the previous and next posts which appears at the bottom

Remove WordPress body classes on search page

I’m seeing a lot of guides on how to add more classes to a WordPress body tag, but is there a way to remove all

WooCommerce Email style - remove default styling

When generating customer emails, WooCommmerce defines a set of tags here for which they apply a default hardcoded style. /** * style_inline_tags function. * *

How to remove admin main menu name repetition

I have added an admin menu using add_menu_page. When there is a sub menu with add_submenu_page, The main menu name is repeating. How to remove

How to remove blank header

I’m designing a website for my company and we’re using a wordpress template. We’ve been able to modify the template to make it full screen

trying to remove img tag

Hey there i’am trying to remove the img tag which is created get_post but i can’t seem to remove it… i’am trying to make it

Remove image tag

I’am trying to remove the tag which is created by get_post, but I can’t seem to remove it. I’am trying to make it a div

creating new wordpress template to remove dynamic JQuery adding to header

I have created a simple page in wordpress with some jquery, but my jquery are conflicting with some jquery which are dynamically adding into the

How to remove admin menu inserted by plugins?

Is there any way to remove admin menu inserted by plugin’s? Read more here: How to remove admin menu inserted by plugins

How to remove jQuery version number in wp_enqueue_script for bundled jQuery?

I’ve managed to remove version query strings from all js and css files (including the main style.css) but still can’t remove it for bundled jQuery

How to remove category from wordpress url?

I am new to wordpress so i am facing a problem in removing /category/ from wordpress URL http://domain/category/category-name So i would like to know how

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