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replace a function added in external class

I’m using wp 3.9, bp 2.0.1 and the bp-groupblog plugin 1.8.5. In the ‘create_screen’-function in BP_Groupblog_Extension-class (extending the BP_Group_Extension-class) the plugin adds an action: function

PHP Search and replace from Database

I need a PHP code to search and replace text entered in a textarea. The database contains two columns : 'Search' and 'Replace'. So the

how to replace excerpt with full posts on WP

First thing first, i’m new with WP and i’m also not very good with PHP. anyway, i use this plugin to group all the

how to replace a page content with custom html in a wordpress plugin?

i have a bare bones wp plugin and after i initialize it i call: add_action('template_redirect', array($this, 'custom_redirect')); there i want to get the current page

I need help to replace wordpress object with new one

I want to replace slider image with real slider. I mean I want to be new slider on same place, when I try TOP 5

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