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Replacing a lot of absolute links at once

I started on a project where we want to go from a WordPress site we currently have to a non-cms based site for specific reasons.

Replacing the title in admin list table

Here is my situation: I am trying to filter the title in my custom post type edit table but I can’t get it working. Here

Replacing the content of an image attachment using API

I have an existing image attachment, with a given ID. Is there a way, using API (specifically, Python WordPress XML-RPC), to upload another image instead

Replacing wordpress footer with custom html one

i’m new in wordpress and i’d like to replace the footer with a pure html code. i mean, i till want the “container” generated by

Replacing Image Source Value With a PHP Variable Based on Device Width

I’d like to be able to able to swap an img’s src value with a variable created in PHP. I currently am using javascript to

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