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ajax request not returning the result

i am using custom plugin to display the values. my plugin file is add_action('wp_ajax_my_action', 'my_action_callback'); function my_action_callback(){ check_ajax_referer('my_ajax_nonce'); include('my_action.php'); } my_action.php file is <?php global

Is it valuable to caching info from wordpress request?

I am wondering, is it a good idea to cache data from WordPress request, like bloginfo(‘url’), or not. For example, instead of repeating bloginfo(‘url’), if

Chopping up a large ajax request of around 200 posts

I’ve put myself into an uneasy situation, where I have roughly 200 posts I need to load in with jQuery .load(). Nothing shows up until

htaccess - block traffic WITH specific get request

I’m being hit with a get request up to 20 times a second. This is a wordpress site, here is an attached apache log

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