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Hide if get_the_category() returns no results

I’m listing related pages based on category. This is what I’m using to list all related categories. What I’m trying to do is hide the

Group search results by post_type - Relevanssi

Using the Relevanssi (v3.3.5) search plugin on WordPress (v3.9.1) I can group search results by post_type. Example: add_filter('relevanssi_hits_filter', 'products_first'); function products_first($hits) { $types = array();

fPDF and Contact form 7 - exporting form results to PDF

So I’m using WordPress and have the plugin “Contact Form 7” installed. What I was looking to do was create a way for a form

wordpress custom theme search has quantity but displays no results

Trying my best to wrap my head around wordpress search process and results. Been reading and researching online for about 8 hours straight at this

Unzipping .tar files in cPanel results in empty php files

I’m currently trying to move my WordPress site to a new server. I moved the database already and zipped the WordPress files into a tar

Get pots by mixed taxonomies and include results from the taxonomy’s children if exist

I have been able to filter posts from a custom post type (ad) filtered by two taxonomies $myposts = get_posts( array ( 'posts_per_page' => $ipp,

Search page results conflicting logic - Search result caching?

I recently stylized my search page results from the base template _S, and got everything to work quite nicely. I’ve developed it to return false/positive

Results on the same page as the search form php

How can i echo the results in the same page as the search form is (wordpress)?(i`m newbie) <form action="" id="searchform" method="POST"> <input name="searchquery" type="text" placeholder="Nume,

SQL returns duplicate results

I’m writing an SQL query for WordPress that searches for events that are live between a users search. I’m hard-coding it at the moment to

SQL Select Statement to put multiple results into separate columns [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here: MySQL pivot row into dynamic number of columns 1 answer I am trying to output the post details,

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