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how to run cron job in wordpress

i want to run cron job in wordpres using default function add_filter( ‘cron_schedules’, ‘cron_add_everyminute’ ); function cron_add_everyminute( $schedules ) { // Adds once weekly to

How To Run Multiple Multi-Site Networks On Same Box

I’m building a multi-site project locally using the VVV Vagrant VM. I setup a sub-domain multisite install with domain mapping and two sub-sites. Everything works

Run Jquery Script after delete post in front end

I have a list of posts on a page on the front end. With each post I have created a delete button with get_delete_post_link. This

How can I run shortcode after click with ajax

I have a little problem and need your help. I have tabs on my page and in one tab i have google maps. This tab

Getting WordPress and XAMPP to run a different site

I’ve recently installed XAMPP and the WordPress plugin to run a site locally that exists on a different machine. I’ve downloaded the source code into

How can a plugin run a script after being updated in MultiSite?

Imagine a WordPress MultiSite Network with plugin Foo in it (but only active on some of the sites). When upgrading plugin Foo from version 1.0

I got my theme and sql database. And i would liek to run my theme locally to learn Wp

I got my theme developed by a freelancer and its currently on. i got all the theme files and sql database. I would like to

Is it possible to run multiple WordPress websites on a Linux AWS VM?

Just started exploring AWS and was wondering if it is possible to host multiple WordPress websites on a Linux AWS VM? If not, is there

How to get a jQuery script to run on a page?

I am having a hard time figuring out how to get a jQuery script to run on a WordPress page of mine the “correct” way.

Change Query to run on different db table

I’m trying to change a query over so that it runs on a new table to help speed up a website. It’s a Geolocation query

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