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jetpack infinite scroll & ajax loaded page

I am using “jquery mobile” with my wordpress theme… The jquery mobile uses ajax by default to load pages… When a pages loads (with ajax)

Combine slide.toggle and on scroll in wordpress

I’m trying to combine this function with slide.toggle and implement it in wordpress so the title and a custom field change on scroll. And you

Fading and no display effect CSS/JQUERY on scroll

Hi I’m debugging a site for a friend, which kept me looking for a solution for hours. Unfortunately I could not find the source or

Woocommerce & on scroll javascript conflict

I’m using a feature for when the user scrolls my navigation bar changes CSS. It works fine until I install woocommerce plugin using the canvas

How do I make 2 DIV’s with different heights reach the bottom of the page at the same time on scroll?

I’m trying to make the #content and #content-sidebar DIV’s of my WordPress blog reach the bottom and top of the page at the same time

infinite scroll wordpress using Jquery 403 error?

Hi Ia m budling an infinte scroll using only JS on wordpress jQuery(function($) { var loader= $('.loader'), busy = false, i = 1; var offset

Uncaught TypeError: undefined is not a function - jQuery Smooth Div Scroll

I think I’ve got some kind of issue with conflicting jQuery libraries in my wordpress site.. although nothing I can see is really giving me

Jquery Window Scroll Event Not Working - WordPress / Bootstrap

I’m building a WordPress/Bootstrap site, and am trying to use jquery to add a “fixed” class to the navbar when the user scrolls past it:

Adding to a Scroll to menu items in css

I am using wordpress and have about 8 menu items and due to how the theme has been designed, some of the menu items (in

CSS: In-page link or "anchor" doesn’t allow scroll to top

When I use in-page links or “anchors” to reach a part of the page, the scrollbar doesn’t allow me access to the content above —

How can I remove the horizontal scroll bar on my WordPress site?

I have recently all of a sudden had a horizontal scroll bar show up on the bottom of my website. Does anyone know how to

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