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In the Edit Post page how do I modify with jQuery the status select list?

Here is my JS: jQuery('#post_status option[value="draft"]').text('Approve'); I simply trying to modify the text inside the option element in the status select form element in the

Select div with random class

I’am using iosslider on my single page. I need to collect all img src from ‘.wp-pic’ and put them to slider background url. So what

Make Post Editor Select Number of Columns To 1 By Default

I want to make the Number of Columns in screen options for a custom post type is selected to 1 by default, instead of 2,

Select rows as colums for wordpress post meta

WordPress’s wp_postmeta table has all the additional fields for a post but they are in rows so it’s easy to add more. However, now I

Select list with age groups to mysql query

I use a form with a select list with age groups. My question is how to convert this select list to a flexible mysql query.

WordPress - Select tag gets automatically appended

I wanted to add a drop down list to my wordpress post. So i put this in the text editor <select> <option value="volvo">Volvo</option> <option value="saab">Saab</option>

highlight active page option value in select element using "option selected value"

I’m using a custom wp-query on my website to display all pages from a parent page inside a list style with select, when selecting a

Hierarchical Taxonomy Terms Select Menu Output with selected="selected" Set

I have been trying to wrap my head around a issue for the past 2 days but despite trying all I could, I can’t seem

Create and submit link using two select drop down values

Working on a WordPress site. I need to create a navigation bar that is a form with two select boxes, and use their values to

SQL Select Statement to put multiple results into separate columns [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here: MySQL pivot row into dynamic number of columns 1 answer I am trying to output the post details,

How to store the value of a custom field dropdown select for post referencing?

I’m trying to reference posts to each other. Editors should have a custom field select list of certain post’s titles to link the current post

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