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carrying custom wordpress query variable throughout session

I’m creating a wordpress site that needs to have two distinct versions. The changes in the two are only frontend, and will be very minimal

How do i add a random background image on a specific element each session?

I’m using the following code to generate a random background image on a specific css element in my WordPress Theme. It works fine but loads

How to check login session of a PHP app in a WordPress site?

I have a WordPress as well as a PHP custom application installed on a same server. Suppose, the wordpress installation is at and the

WordPress after updating user_login session ends

In wordpress I am allowing user to change/choose a new username, once he updates that, the moment he navigates to a new page, he is

Woocommerce add extra input data from form to session

I’m new to woocommerce and i couldnt find much info from their documentation. My main intention is, i have some custom data that i show

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