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Linux / PHP server settings for WordPress Site

I’ve recently switched to my own cloudserver and not 100% sure what’s the optimal settings to run mostly WordPress sites would be. OS I’m running

Custom Fields to save Settings

I am creating a plugin.So far i have created a menu and a page containing a form.I want to save these form settings for each

Create Custom Settings Page for WordPress Custom Post Type

I have a WordPress Custom Post Type that I have created. The CPT created fine and was added successfully to the WordPress menu. I created

WordPress dynamic option fields with Settings API

I am at my first Settings API application and I hit a snag. In a submenu page, I need to generate a number of fields

WordPress Plugin WooCommerce, Custom Payment Gateway Settings Not Saving

I’m working on a custom payment gateway for the WordPress plugin WooCommerce. I cannot seem to save the settings for the payment gateway. When I

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