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Add wordpress shortcode wp_dropdown_pages() to jquery

As the title says I’m trying to add wp_dropdown_pages() to my jquery script, is this possible and if so how? Read more here: Add wordpress

Separate shortcode for each field of gravity form

This shortcode will display the gravity form in my wordpress page [gravityform id="1"] This form has 3 fields and on submit button. I want to

Return ACF field as a Shortcode using WordPress Functions.php file

How do I use an Advanced Custom Field as a Shortcode. Ive used the following code in the WordPress functions.php file but no luck. Here

How to pass an array as attribute of shortcode to work properly shortcode parser?

echo ‘[test attr=”‘.json_encode(array(‘test’=>’my[][dfd]dfds[][][‘)).'”]’; //How to safe pass the array as attribute in shortcodes ? Read more here: How to pass an array as attribute of

How to Add HTML & Javascript to WordPress Shortcode?

I have a snippet of HTML that I would like to make into a WordPress shortcode. This is the snippet. <div class="small-12 large-7 columns"> <article

How to have Function of a plugin using global vars into a shortcode?

I am trying to convert this piece of code into a shortcode so it can be used inside my posts. Is it possible? I cant

How to add php echo within echo shortcode in WordPress

I’m trying to use an image for my title using the jQuery Collapse-O-Matic plugin, however I am using the do_shortcode echo and am stumbling a

Custom Post Type vs Shortcode: Which one is more performant?

I am designing a WordPress blog where I will have two types of posts: a. Normal posts; regular posts with a number of text paragraphs

get file of shortcode wordpress

I am working with wordpress and want to change the output of a shortcode that I wrote myself earlier. Because I forgot where I put

How can I run shortcode after click with ajax

I have a little problem and need your help. I have tabs on my page and in one tab i have google maps. This tab

How to make function get_the_author_link into a shortcode

I am trying to make a shorturl of the function get_the_author_link Here is my code: function shortcode_the_author_link() { if ( get_the_author_url() ) return '<a href="'

PHP Variable within WordPress shortcode

I need to use a shortcode but insert the variables the customer enters into the shortcode. I have tried to use the below: echo do_shortcode('[su_accordion][su_spoiler

WordPress Shortcode in Menu Item Title

I’ve looked and have not found anything that works. I am trying to include a shortcode in a menu item’s ‘Navigation Label’. Basically Iwould like

Find out what php a WordPress Shortcode generates?

I have a plugin which has short codes for each registration page it creates (login, sign up, password reset) I want to edit the form

How to get the $atts of a shortcode

I have the following shortcode: I need to get every single atts a single variable, I mean, I need something like this $width = 400

Shortcode Display From WordPress Dashboard Page Without Using post_id

I have to code for showing recent post on my home page custom theme it works good function.php code function my_recent_posts_shortcode($atts){ $q = new WP_Query(

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