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Simple custom wordpress dashboard

I have a wordpress blog. I need to create a custom dashboard link. I need it to be simple and it should be a plugin.

How to add attributes for a Simple Product on Checkout Page?

Been trying to figure out how to add attributes… for example the size of a product on the checkout page of woocommerce for wordpress. Seems

PHP Simple HTML DOM Parser works on localhost but not live WordPress website

I am working with a WordPress plugin that outputs a table of data on the plugin’s admin page. I have modified the plugin to add

Analytics not tracking simple event

Following recent changes made to analytics by Google our site has stopped recording particular events (namely the download of brochures) which was handled in the

Really Simple CAPTCHA on WordPress log-in screens

I have a WordPress website that uses the Contact Form 7 and the Really Simple CAPTCHA plugins. As these two plugins are used to create

Special & simple ideas for sentence tokenizer and store meta information about tokens in database

I’m building a web application of language processor. Here I store quotes & stories in database. then I assaign corresponding meta info of tokens in

Notice: Undefined index: post_type - Simple Custom post type custom field plugin

I’ve installed this plugin and added a custom post type. It was displayed properly, but then whrn trying to unistall it, it also deleted the

A simple way to implement multiple use jquery functions

This is quite a complicated one but I’ll try and explain it as best as I can. I am developing a wordpress site that utilises

simple user listing 2 columns

I use Simple User Listing and now user list its show in one column, but I need on two and I have no idea

Very simple upload form for wordpress plugin

I have a very simple plugin in my wordpress. Now i have a function and i use add_submenu_page to add that function to my main

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