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Different back-end colour scheme for the different sites of a multisite

Is it possible to have a different back-end colour scheme selected for the different sites of a multisite? i.e. “Sunrise” for Site A and “Midnight”

Multisite new sites not found(404), main site still works

I followed wordpress guide to install multisite. My main site ( works well, my multisite is based on subdirectory i.e., (, however it doesn’t load

Is it possible to sync nav menus across multiple wordpress sites?

I was asked by a customer about the possibility to put a menu from a WP installation into another WP, whereas are independent installations, each

Two WordPress Sites (separate DB) on One Windows Server?

I have a server that already runs a WordPress site and I wanted to know if there is a way to add another entirely different

Sites that use the theme ‘Notebook’ from ElegantThemes

How can I find all the themes that use the Notebook theme from ElegantThemes? Is there something I should Google? Can anyone list any

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