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jquery slider not working in post body in wordpress

I have a jQuery slider and I want it to embed it in the body of the WordPress page, like this <div class="container"> <div class="main">

WordPress Meta Slider Snippet in a div

I have a custom HTML/CSS/Jquery WordPress theme, I installed Meta Slider, It provided me with a snippet and a template shortcode that it said to

Responsive content slider sometime cuts too much of the bottom off images So my wordless theme has a built in slider. It is responsive. The slider is in the background and seems to have a height

Bootstrap Product slider

I have just tried to make a Bootstrap carousal for WordPress theme. I am able to it easily for the image slider but I am

Sprint Mobile Network doesn’t load jQuery slider

I’m not sure if this is the proper place to post this, but I am at a loss as to where to ask for help,

Slider Javascript Collide With Other Javascript Custom Theme WordPress

My WordPress Theme LINK in which slider js collide with some other js dont know in which js it is collide, so that my recent

Making text appear above the static picture slider on the Alt homepage, with static slider template on WordPress

Basically I’m making a site on WordPress using the WordPress theme “Restaurateur”. As you can see on the demo home page here using the

I want to hide the x-overflow on revolution slider with custom size [wordpress]

Here is my site: Just before the footer, there is a tall revolution slider that has some flowers, some wedding invitations, a bride and

Custom Content Slider stop duplicate

I have been working on this now for little while, I have it working well (I mean the function) the only issue I have is

Revolution slider caption width

My revolution slider captions width is 100%. It is not creating linebreaks and so my slider captions will fall outside the page container. How can

Shortcode inside a slider

I am looking for a slider that would be able to display shortcode in WordPress. For example, I can create a map with the shortcode

All layers of slider are shown in some resolution

When i decrease window width lesser then 1024 all layers of my slider are visible. But in normal width it is working fine. I am

there is a white space (margin) below the fullscreen revolution slider (wordpress)

Here is my site: When you make the browser width smaller, a white space appears below the top revolution slider. I don’t know how

add a logo over slider in a wp theme

hi, same this post i also have the same problem, except that the slider i have is - Revolution Slider. please help me

How to create a flipping on hover image slider?

Hello I’ve seen this cool slider I was wondering how could you do that ? I tried inspecting the element but my knowledge is

How to make slider in options framework

I am using options-framework in wordpress 3.9.1 . I need help for make option panel for slider. Read more here: How to make slider in

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