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Automatically prepending ‘#’ to slug in child page permalinks

Problem I’d like to have any child page url like automatically turns into Could this be done with htaccess rewrite rules or any

How to switch just the domain name but leave the url slug alone

My company just migrated to WordPress and during the migration we were using a test domain ( to test and develop the new website. After

WordPress Custom Type permalink with custom Taxonomy slug

I have a custom post type on my site called Homes, with a custom taxonomy called homes-category. They are both working correctly, but I am

WordPress - Show posts by slug

I am trying to retrieve specific posts by using slug description. All posts (in this case products) are stored in “portfolio” where “automotive” is one

How to get the slug of the homepage when editing it in WP admin?

According to the WP_Class reference, $post->post_name holds the value of the slug of the current page being viewed. If I’m currently viewing the WP admin

Remove taxonomy slug when not assigning taxonomy with custom post types

I have created a custom post type plugin that when the user assigns the post to a taxonomy (termed ‘classification’ in the site), it is

Custom post type’s slug gets wrong when adding a custom meta box

I’m trying for hours now to find the error moving back and forth. I have a custom post type. Everything works fine until I add

Custom Slug for a custom post type and default post

It’s now several hours that I am trying to get this done without finding a proper solution. I’d like WP to use the following slug

Renaming the slug of my custom post type in wordpress doesnt work anymore and keeps the old slug

I have been working on a WordPress theme for a few weeks now and i am facing the following problem: I have a custom post

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